The Real (Orwellian) War on Women

I picked this up on my Twitter feed earlier this morning, and went to check it out.  The video is about a woman who has goes undercover to a Planned Parenthood Clinic in New

So Who’s Really “Out of Touch?”

So Who’s Really “Out of Touch?”

There’s being out-of-touch, and then there’s being out-of-touch.  Much has already been written of late about the Romneys’ wealth, class strata, and the luxury of the stay-at-home Ann.  Yes, the Democrats, especially our President,

The Hillarys – 1992 and 2012; the war on women becomes the war on moms

Deja vu? And now the Democrats have never used the words, “war on women”, and stay-at-home (SAH) moms have no idea what it’s like to struggle. Let me tell you, Hilary, my mom was a SAH,