How badly does Donald Trump want to be President? We’ll find out tonight….

How badly does Donald Trump want to be President?   We’ll find out tonight….

According to the hoi polloi pundit class, we are in the “silly season” of Presidential politics.  Witness the demise of former Texas governor, Rick Perry, and the single digit poll numbers of Louisiana Governor Bobby

Is another President Clinton now inevitable?

I’ve written a couple of articles about whether I thought Hillary Clinton would seek the Presidency in 2016 or not.  I was on the side that she might not.  However, once again Mrs. Clinton’s

PM pick me up for Monday, March 23: Cruz control; robots in the driver’s seat; Obama’s Yemen blind spot

News and views from Political Woman: Cruz’n Along Things are starting to get interesting with Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) now officially in the race for Republican nomination and ultimately, the Presidency.  The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza

Sen. Ted Cruz – grandstanding? or a 21st Century Patrick Henry?

I’ve now had my laptop zeroed into the Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) filibuster since 4:00pm CDT, two hours into his oratory.  I’ll keep this short. They (political pundits) say you have your eye on 2016.

Republicans in the Wilderness – A View from the Trenches

Earlier this week, Reince Priebus released the RNC’s “autopsy” report, which urged the Republicans take a more kumbaya style of politicking.  There’s been hand-wringing, soul-searching, finger-pointing and an entire litany of “other” trying to

Senator Ted Cruz … if we only had 99 more just like him

I’m not from Texas, I don’t live in Texas, and perhaps there may be some background/public service information that I’m not aware of that could alter my opinion.  However, listening to Sen. Cruz’s questioning