Mitt Throws a Fitt

Was it jealousy, bitterness or as he said, “conscience” when Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT), declared his vote for impeachment on the charge of abuse of power against President Donald Trump. Calling Trump’s actions “an appalling

Retrofit Mitt

From the flurry of news articles about another Romney bid for the Presidency in 2016, with The Wall Street Journal editorial board referring to his bid as “Romney Recycled” and the polar opposite Washington Post

Republicans in the Wilderness – A View from the Trenches

Earlier this week, Reince Priebus released the RNC’s “autopsy” report, which urged the Republicans take a more kumbaya style of politicking.  There’s been hand-wringing, soul-searching, finger-pointing and an entire litany of “other” trying to

Life after Romney, life with Obama

Unlike other bloggers and pundits, I needed a full day to digest the news of this, I admit, deeply disappointing defeat.  My first reaction, was thinking about the people I know who voted for

Another side of Mitt Romney – rollin’, rollin’ rollin’ …..

Despite what pundits and Republican strategists have said about the Romney campaign and its conduct, Romney has definitely timing on his side.  He waited for a national audience of over 67 million at the

A life-long Democrat asks, “what happened to my party?!”

These words were spoken to me this morning during my annual checkup by my optometrist, a life-long, Chicago North Shore, Jewish, liberal Democrat.  I’ve been going to “Dr. K” for at least 20 years,

The debate tonight: will Obama have a Mitt-fit or will Republicans have a misfit?

The night we’ve all been waiting for, all of us, that is, for whom this election’s outcome meets the criteria of a “matter of life or death.”   With all the run-up to the

The debates and what Mitt Romney must do … enough already!

Whether one reads The Wall Street Journal, Politico, The National Review, the local newspaper, or watches the MSM or cable news, “what Mitt Romney must do”  Wednesday night has itself been debated ad nauseum.

Riding the Romney roller coaster

Last week, I wrote a column, “Tell us what you really think, Mitt, and you’ll have your 10-pt lead in the polls.”   Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be happening, at least not to

Tell us what you really think, Mitt, and you’ll have your 10-pt lead in the polls

Gasp…horrors… the MSM is calling out Mitt Romney for yet another gaffe.  Two within the span of almost a week.  But these are not gaffes.  This is Mitt telling the voters what he thinks,