Obamacare Shock in 2014? How about ten years from now.

“Fundamentally transforming America.”  Spoken by Barack Obama at a campaign rally in Columbia, Missouri in 2008.  Fast forward to April 30, 2013, and we see the President is a man of his word.  America’s

Election game-changer #2 – Hillary? Israel & Iran? or [fill in the blank]

We can probably all agree that the selection of Paul Ryan as Republican Vice Presidential nominee was a game-changer for Mitt Romney’s campaign, as well as the 2012 election.  In Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney

Digesting Paul Ryan

It’s been 24 hours since Mitt Romney announced that Paul Ryan was his selection for Vice President.  Depending upon which of the blogosphere pundits you follow and the media’s reaction, it was either a

It’s not about the Debt. It’s about 2012.

From Politico.com:  President Obama Smashes Record with $86M Haul “President Barack Obama has shattered first quarter fundraising records for a  White House incumbent by raising $86 million for the first quarter – dwarfing  the 2012