Biden Implodes as Bernie Explodes

While it’s too early to say good-bye to Joe, because he’s working hard in South Carolina to ensure that he keeps the Black vote in his corner, Bernie Sanders coming off a New Hampshire

Will New Hampshire Finish Biden – or has Biden Finished Biden

With Joe Biden's latest vitriol aimed at a young college girl for her asking him a simple question, "Creepy" Joe Biden has morphed into "Raging Bull" Biden.

Post-Debate – Democrats at Ground Zero New Hampshire

Offering some pithy comments from a non-professional journalist, but a very avid voter. At this point in time, Trump should not worry. Someone out in journo-land had asked the question, to paraphrase, who’s bright

A life-long Democrat asks, “what happened to my party?!”

These words were spoken to me this morning during my annual checkup by my optometrist, a life-long, Chicago North Shore, Jewish, liberal Democrat.  I’ve been going to “Dr. K” for at least 20 years,

Dropping Biden – was the decision made weeks ago?

Was the decision to drop Biden from the ticket already made by the re-election campaign weeks ago, roughly at the time Bill Clinton was announced as headliner at the Democratic convention?  Was that decision

In Your Face

Are you tired of living through a daily/weekly media diet of “shock and awe?   Do you feel like you’re living within the pages of The National Enquirer?  Have you found yourself questioning, is anything