Biden’s Ticket to the White House – But Will the Public Pay the Fare

Biden’s Ticket to the White House – But Will the Public Pay the Fare

Former Vice President Joe Biden and presumptive nominee for the Democratic nomination is close to naming the members of his Vice Presidential search panel this week, with the goal of naming two to three

Biden Implodes as Bernie Explodes

While it’s too early to say good-bye to Joe, because he’s working hard in South Carolina to ensure that he keeps the Black vote in his corner, Bernie Sanders coming off a New Hampshire

Will New Hampshire Finish Biden – or has Biden Finished Biden

With Joe Biden's latest vitriol aimed at a young college girl for her asking him a simple question, "Creepy" Joe Biden has morphed into "Raging Bull" Biden.

Post-Debate – Democrats at Ground Zero New Hampshire

Offering some pithy comments from a non-professional journalist, but a very avid voter. At this point in time, Trump should not worry. Someone out in journo-land had asked the question, to paraphrase, who’s bright

A life-long Democrat asks, “what happened to my party?!”

These words were spoken to me this morning during my annual checkup by my optometrist, a life-long, Chicago North Shore, Jewish, liberal Democrat.  I’ve been going to “Dr. K” for at least 20 years,

Dropping Biden – was the decision made weeks ago?

Was the decision to drop Biden from the ticket already made by the re-election campaign weeks ago, roughly at the time Bill Clinton was announced as headliner at the Democratic convention?  Was that decision

In Your Face

Are you tired of living through a daily/weekly media diet of “shock and awe?   Do you feel like you’re living within the pages of The National Enquirer?  Have you found yourself questioning, is anything