Virginia is Ground Zero in the War on Gun Control

(courtesy of VCDL Facebook)

When Democrats won control of both houses of the Virginia legislature November 5, 2019, Virginia gun owners got a rude wake-up call.  Now that wake-up call is spreading to gun-owners throughout the rest of the 49

Gun control – Chicago style (or bring a bat to the fight)

In the midst of gun control legislation offered by various Senators, from an assault weapons ban and magazine limits, to the now pre-eminent gun control bill in the Senate, Manchin-Toomey, I thought I would

So just exactly why is DHS buying up all that ammo?

This ammo buy-up conversation has been swirling in the blogosphere for some time now, but when starts asking the same question, maybe as they say, it’s time for a national conversation. “As reported elsewhere, some

Gun Control in Illinois … feeling any safer?

What would cause a woman, who has lived all but three years of her life in peaceful and safe environments, to join the NRA, complete their basic pistol course, and beginning shopping semi-automatic handguns? Without

Obama Administration – gun control by Executive Order?

“What are YOU prepared to do?”   These were the last words of the character John Malone to Elliott Ness in “The Untouchables,” when it appeared that Al Capone had outwitted, outsmarted the system

The drip…drip…drip…of personal freedoms in America

During the past two weeks of blogging hiatus during my vacation, we’ve had the Newtown shootings, the fiscal cliff “hanger”, and the Biden-led Commission for gun control along with other legislation on the matter

The Colorado shootings — shifting the blame and gun control

When I read that the Colorado shooter’s mother told ABC news, “you’ve got the right person,”  I found that deeply disturbing.   What did she know or suspect about her son, and what steps,