Valerie Jarrett, Hillary may have the last laugh

So we learn this morning from The New York Post, that Valerie Jarrett leaked to the press Hillary Clinton’s use of a the private email address.  The reasons given for the leak: “Last fall, during

Morning Wakeup Call for Friday, March13: Is She or isn’t She; the other woman

Daily morning of news and tidbits from Political Woman: Clinton Fatigue I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m with Charles Krauthammer and experiencing the “onset of Clinton fatigue.”  And it’s only March 2015.

Morning Wakeup Call for Monday, March 9: Emailgate on steroids; Trey Gowdy does a John Boehner;

The morning news as seen by Political Woman. Hillary Clinton channels Richard Nixon “Follow The Money” is the current headline on Drudge.  At least Nixon’s Watergate was over a break-in at Democratic Committee National Headquarters.  With

Morning Wakeup Call for Friday, March 6: Emailgate revs up; Iran carries Obama’s water; the Race Card plays again

A morning digest of what Political Woman is reading. Stupid-meter’s Needle Goes off the Charts With Hillary’s current embroglio in Emailgate, there’s a marked difference between a well-paid hack defending her, and a sycophantic nimrod, whose reasoning

It’s Over, Hillary

Hillary and Bill Clinton have always had what can be termed as an “Icarus” problem.  Through their years in the political office, the scandals swirled around them, but seemingly failed to engulf them:  Jennifer

Morning Wakeup Call for Thurs, March 5: Hillary’s Icarus Problem; SCOTUS’ Swingers

It’s all things Hillary and SCOTUS today: It’s getting to look more and more like Hillary’s becoming a blast from the past.  The National Journal’s Ron Fournier writes, Hillary Clinton Just Doesn’t Get It, and