Becoming a nation of cowards?

Originally published on May 13, 2014.  Updated. Throughout American history, our nation has prided itself on its tolerance.  Tolerance of different faiths, cultures, ideas, races.  Our ancestors fought the American Revolution because they would not

Morning Coffee Break: John Kerry’s take on religion, more Trey, Rutgers cowardice, Benghazi continues

Notable and quotable as ever, John Kerry, never knows when it’s better to remain silent.  Trey Gowdy’s in the disparaging, name-calling spotlight.  Rutgers actions speak louder than words.  And Benghazi-gate continues its drip, drip,

The Silent Tragedy Behind Trayvon Martin – Part 2

It was little over a year ago in the wake of ongoing media histrionics when I wrote “The Silent Tragedy Behind Trayvon Martin.”  I suggested that President Obama was that “silent tragedy” for not