Be careful what you wish for … Obama’s “Mitt-Fit”

Be careful what you wish for … Obama’s “Mitt-Fit”

The age-old proverb, "be care what you wish for, for you may get it" is coming to fruition as the hoped for face-off with Mitt Romney is taking hold. However, the results thus far are not exactly what may have been "wished for." ...

The Conception Fray and Despotism

I’ve held off getting deep into the fray of this contraception versus women’s rights issue, because the cost of filling my gas tank, which will soon overtake my weekly grocery bill, has absorbed most

The Catholic Church Goes to War … But will It Win

The leaders of the Catholic Church are apparently stunned by the fact that they’re not exempt from the mandates of Obamacare.  Yes, those same leaders stood by and  supported it by their silence, their