The Clinton Foundation – The gifts that keep on giving – but not to you and me

It appears that the “vast right-wing conspiracy”, that has always had the Clintons in its cross-hairs, has a new member, The New York Times.  Today’s article, “Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation as Russians Pressed

Valerie Jarrett, Hillary may have the last laugh

So we learn this morning from The New York Post, that Valerie Jarrett leaked to the press Hillary Clinton’s use of a the private email address.  The reasons given for the leak: “Last fall, during

Hillary in 2016? Not so fast

It was not such a long time ago that former Secretary of State and First Lady Hillary Clinton was viewed by the Democratic poobahs and her worshiping public minions as a shoe-in for the

Morning Coffee Break – 1st Amendment, Keystone XL, Monica and Maureen, what China wants, China gets – Wed, May 7, 2014

A mish-mash of stories this morning, domestic and foreign: Remember Mitt Romney’s “corporations are people” comment which was widely disparaged.  Evidently, some Democrats now agree, especially if your last name is Koch.  Solution, let’s rewrite

The Democrats’ “War On Women”: Anthony Weiner

She stands by his side with a shadow of an infrequent smile crossing her face.  Huma Abedin, wife of Anthony Weiner, New York mayoral candidate, is experiencing déjà vu.  Once again, she and America

Bill Clinton’s poor choice of words — Navy SEALS’ and their families take another hit

There is a video making the rounds at the moment showing the reaction of the parents of fallen Navy SEAL, Aaron Carson Vaughn, to an Obama campaign ad.  The ad was produced earlier this

The President’s Ego

No matter how one may like to describe President Obama, the word “tacky” hasn’t come to mind, until now.  The insertion of himself, into former Presidents’ biographies found at The White House website is just

Weiner Denouement – Score One for the Girls

Update (6/12/11; 12:24pm CDT):  Looks like he crossed the line.  Using the Congressional gym as a backdrop. Well, you heard it here first.  June 7, “Character Matters“.  After Weiner’s confession on Monday with all its