The Romney & Obama campaigns — Marquess of Queensbury meets Al Capone, so far

Having grown up with the Chicago-style hard ball politics recently exemplified this past week by the attacks on Romney’s Bain years and demands for his tax returns, I have to admit that David Axelrod is

Be careful what you wish for … Obama’s “Mitt-Fit”

Be careful what you wish for … Obama’s “Mitt-Fit”

The age-old proverb, "be care what you wish for, for you may get it" is coming to fruition as the hoped for face-off with Mitt Romney is taking hold. However, the results thus far are not exactly what may have been "wished for." ...

You hear that giant sucking sound?

No, it’s not the Obama re-election campaign’s Bain Capital Vampire ad.  That sucking sound you hear is the last three years of policies that have: sucked the taxpayers $500 million for Solyndra, and how many

Will Romney’s Flaws re-elect Obama

Consider this latest ad from the Newt Gingrich campaign: Share

Scorched Earth

It was used by the Russians against Bonaparte in the War of 1812, and against Hitler in 1941-42.  In 1998, when candidate Newt Gingrich stepped down from the Speakership, he used a term, “mindless