PM pick me up for Monday, March 23: Cruz control; robots in the driver’s seat; Obama’s Yemen blind spot

News and views from Political Woman: Cruz’n Along Things are starting to get interesting with Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) now officially in the race for Republican nomination and ultimately, the Presidency.  The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza

Washington moves on, while America’s enemies watch, wait, and learn

Dana Milbank’s column in Wednesday’s Washington Post discusses the muted response of the pols to the Boston Marathon bombing, and how the conversation on both the House and Senate floors now moves on and back to

Al Qaeda in N. Africa “have neither the interest or ability to attack our homeland” — Hillary Clinton

It just keeps getting better and better, or worse and worse, depending upon whether you look at Hillary’s testimony today from a satirical point of view, or from one that is serious, borderline dejected. You