COVID-19 Now Attacks the Nation’s Food Supply Chain

We knew it was coming, we had to.  This morning I read in my county’s e-newsletter that the county’s health department was shutting down the Smithfield Foods’ processing plant in my town, as a

Biden’s Ticket to the White House – But Will the Public Pay the Fare

Biden’s Ticket to the White House – But Will the Public Pay the Fare

Former Vice President Joe Biden and presumptive nominee for the Democratic nomination is close to naming the members of his Vice Presidential search panel this week, with the goal of naming two to three

The Global Spread of COVID-19: China’s Accident or Intent?

No, this is not a conspiracy theory post.  It’s a simple question that I think needs a serious discussion.  Whether you laugh and/or do an eye-roll, castigate me to canyons of absurdity, or secretly have harbored thoughts

Coronavirus – An influenza on steroids – and so is the hysteria

Coronavirus – An influenza on steroids – and so is the hysteria

For people infected with the virus, or for those who know someone infected, then the Coronavirus is no laughing matter. However, this writer doesn’t believe that the mass hysteria, nor a Dow drop

Biden Implodes as Bernie Explodes

While it’s too early to say good-bye to Joe, because he’s working hard in South Carolina to ensure that he keeps the Black vote in his corner, Bernie Sanders coming off a New Hampshire

Will New Hampshire Finish Biden – or has Biden Finished Biden

With Joe Biden's latest vitriol aimed at a young college girl for her asking him a simple question, "Creepy" Joe Biden has morphed into "Raging Bull" Biden.

Post-Debate – Democrats at Ground Zero New Hampshire

Offering some pithy comments from a non-professional journalist, but a very avid voter. At this point in time, Trump should not worry. Someone out in journo-land had asked the question, to paraphrase, who’s bright

Mitt Throws a Fitt

Was it jealousy, bitterness or as he said, “conscience” when Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT), declared his vote for impeachment on the charge of abuse of power against President Donald Trump. Calling Trump’s actions “an appalling

Harry and Meghan – The Sussex Denouement … or The Monarchy’s?

The media and public dissect as to whether the Queen capitulated (and why?) to Sussex demands, or has the 67+ years on the throne shown Elizabeth II, even at 93, to be a calm, uncanny, long-game chess player.

Virginia is Ground Zero in the War on Gun Control

(courtesy of VCDL Facebook)

When Democrats won control of both houses of the Virginia legislature November 5, 2019, Virginia gun owners got a rude wake-up call.  Now that wake-up call is spreading to gun-owners throughout the rest of the 49