Coronavirus – An influenza on steroids – and so is the hysteria

For people infected with the virus, or for those who know someone infected, then the Coronavirus is no laughing matter. However, this writer doesn’t believe that the mass hysteria, nor a Dow drop of nearly 3000 pts, is warranted if you look at the statistics of infected and fatalities when taken as a percent of the population, whether world or by country.

Corona virus cells (CDC – C.Goldsmith; M. Metcalfe; A. Tamin)

First, let me say that I’m of the opinion, and it’s only my opinion, that this virus was manufactured in some dark hole of a laboratory in China, where the Chi-Coms are prepping all kinds of biological warfare. The problem is that this virus somehow escaped the confines of that laboratory before its time.

Remember Tyler Durden, the pseudonym for writers at Zero Hedge? The Twitter account was suspended because “Durden” dared to opine that the disease was manufactured and caused by a Chinese scientist in one of their laboratories. How incredibly racist and foolish to say, especially when the Chi-coms currently produce most, if not all, of the insulin that is needed in the US marketplace for patients. Right? Also, keep in mind the Chinese scientist is now dead who tried to warn the world about the virus.

So now that the spread of the corona virus has put the world on alert, with the media contributing to mass hysteria, companies are warning about earnings and Hollywood, too, is getting into the act with already injecting white supremacy dialogue into the cauldron of vitriol. My only question regarding Hollywood is, who is Rob Delaney? And his comment regarding Pence relegates him to my list of non-sequitors, not to mention, morons.

So now we have travel bans, food shortages, and minute by minute reporting of the people passing from, and contracting the disease. I, for one, would rather like to have reporting on the steps being taken to calm the mass hysteria, and some commons sense to come back into the financial markets. Next, I would like to see governments from across the globe ban together and demand answers from China as to how this virus got started and to come clean with the truth. Or else, China’s going to find itself on the wrong end of an economic downturn as companies begin bringing their supply chains back into their own countries. If that happens, we might really see an economic windfall as people become employed again in their hometowns rather than watching their jobs shipped off to a foreign labor market where sweat shops are redefined in the 21st century.

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