Biden Implodes as Bernie Explodes

While it’s too early to say good-bye to Joe, because he’s working hard in South Carolina to ensure that he keeps the Black vote in his corner, Bernie Sanders coming off a New Hampshire win, is already looking toward Nevada.

Joe Biden after his fifth place finish in New Hampshire attempts to shore up support in S. Carolina (Sean Rayford/Getty Images)

While Joe Biden certainly has name recognition, his campaign feels like he’s in the midst of the long good-bye. As the inevitable gaffe machine one has come to expect through the years, this time around Joe’s behavior and mouth are hurting him with voters. The younger voters out there, such as the Mercer college student who queried him on Sunday, are willing to give him a chance, but beware what questions you ask Joe, unless you want to suffer the ignominy of whatever might come out of Joe’s mouth, as in “lying dog-faced, pony soldier.” That was a totally unforgivable moment, but Joe was clueless as to the ramifications of what he’d said. He’s a politician of another time, another era, but certainly not this one.

So as Biden continues to call South Carolina his “firewall,” and looks forward to Nevada to stay alive for the nomination, we meet up with woke Bernie Sanders, who appears to be on his way to the Democratic nomination. And we repeat, appears.

Some of the older voters may remember Jesse Jackson and his run for Presidency back in 1984. He garnered over 3 million votes and won five primaries/caucuses. However, as he continued his streak, voters then began to realize what if he wins or comes within arm’s reach of the nomination. It was then that the voters began to look at Jackson’s liberalism and stance on issues more closely, and he began to fade as a threat to Mondale beginning with the Michigan primary.

Will the same happen to Bernie Sanders. His socialism appeal to the younger generations, some still living in their parents’ basement, is apparent when looking at his campaign and voter demographics. Free college? Yahoo! Let’s tax the rich and the corporate robber barons so they pay their fair share. The stuff that social justice warrior types just love.

MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE – FEBRUARY 11: Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) takes the stage during a primary night event on February 11, 2020 in Manchester, New Hampshire. New Hampshire voters cast their ballots today in the first-in-the-nation presidential primary. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

But to the legions of democratic voters who were, and still are the traditional base of the democratic party — those people holding the 9-5 jobs, and some holding the two jobs — Bernie Sanders and his socialism, in fact just the word, “socialism” scares a lot of voters. No one wants to see their hard-earned money paid through taxes go as freebies to people who can’t or won’t pull their own weight, and work for a living, shall we say.

At the moment, the Democratic National Committee has to tread carefully lest they wind up with another fiasco like the Clinton/Sanders debacle of 2016. Always angry Bernie is pulling the party to left with ultra-liberal policies not seen since the time George McGovern took his party down to a crushing 1972 defeat by Richard Nixon.

With the upcoming results of the Nevada caucuses and South Carolina’s primary just a couple of weeks away, Biden will be lucky if his campaign is still on life support and not declared dead. The Biden name has been losing its luster with the recent family news scandals. The Biden name has been losing its luster with the recent family news scandals, and the sense of inevitability that surrounded Hillary in 2016, and not attached itself to Biden in the same way. He is 77 years old, but looks 87.

Meanwhile, always-angry Bernie, another septuagenarian, who experienced heart-related issues late last year, with an accompanying surgical procedure, appears more energetic and articulate when addressing his campaign rallies.

And so, we have the Bernie and Biden show to watch a while longer. Will the show end for both or only one? Will it be replaced with Biden and Bloomberg, Bernie and Buttigieg, or is there still room yet for …. Hillary?

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