Harry and Meghan – The Sussex Denouement … or The Monarchy’s?

Over the past week and a half, it’s been pretty hard to miss the two competing stories on the internet, one involving the President’s pending impeachment trial, and the other, more a bolt out of the blue — the shock announcement that HRH Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Duke and Duchess of Sussex, were handing in the keys to their royal status and duties.

The subject of Harry cannot be discussed without referring back to the poignant photo of him, as a 12-year old, walking in his mother’s funeral procession alongside his brother and family. In Harry’s own words, he has struggled to come to terms with his mother’s passing even after twenty years.

Diana, Princess of Wales, funeral procession (DailyMail)

Enter Meghan Markle. Actress. Internet style guru. There are various accounts of how and when she actually met Prince Harry. Even the two of them can’t quite agree on the time or place when they first met. Suffice to say, it resulted in the wedding of the year 2018.

(Courtesy of Good Housekeeping.com)

Fast forward 20 months later, along with over $1 million dollars in clothing expenditures by the Duchess, a $500,000 baby shower in New York, the secretive birth of their son Archie, the filing of a lawsuit against members of the British media, and the “you can’t just survive, you have to thrive” whinge and cringe documentary from the Sussexes following their South Africa tour, and the fairy-tale wedding has turned into a royal nightmare. In a SussexRoyal Instagram post, the name by which they’re known in the social media world, they blind-sided the Queen, Prince Charles, Prince William, Buckingham Palace, and the entire British public, when announcing they were “stepping back” a.k.a. to US audiences as quitting, but on their own terms.

Or so we thought. Following days of the “Sandringham Summit” and round the clock negotiations, on Saturday night, unusual for weighty Palace announcements, we were told the conditions of the Sussex separation from the Royal household:

Depending upon how you view this announcement in light of the behaviors of the Sussex duo over the past 18 months, Her Majesty was either speaking as a grandmother to her errant grandchildren, or as a Monarch who will say what is necessary to protect the Crown against future onslaughts.

Arguments and opinions abound throughout the UK and across the globe as staunch Royalists and monarchy followers, respectively, decry the treatment of the Queen by the Sussex duo, and the outcome of their actions. And now, with this latest announcement, the media and public dissect as to whether the Queen capitulated (and why?) to Sussex demands, or has the 67+ years on the throne shown Elizabeth II, even at 93, to be a calm, uncanny, long-game chess player.

Her Majesty the Queen, Opening of Parliament (Shutterstock)


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