Trump vs. Bezos CEO Jeff Bezos (Asa Mathat)

That’s about what it’s coming down to.  Two titans, one a sitting U.S. President and the other, the CEO of, a business now worth the equivalent of two Wal-marts.

I’m a long-time reader of The Washington Post, from the days of Katherine Graham and Ben Bradlee.  In the movie, “All The President’s Men,” there’s a scene where Jason Robards (Bradlee) having been told potentially explosive Watergate material, asked “Woodward” and “Bernstein” about their sources and how many.  Upon hearing their answers, he leaned back in his chair, and told them, “get some more” before he would publish the story.

With the latest story and headline from The Washington Post regarding how Trump allegedly shared highly classified information with the Russian foreign minister in a recent visit to the White House, subsequently endangering sources in the Middle East, we’ve been treated to a daily vitriol of one-sided, biased, reporting the likes of which would make the late Graham and Bradlee proverbially turn over in their graves.

I’ve been a daily reader for 26 years of The Post, especially as it relates to politics and those who play in the political sandbox.  Following particular editorial columnists, I had my favorites among both liberals and conservatives.  Agree or disagree, one could get two sides of a story.

That editorial candor and objectivity ceased when Jeff Bezos bought The Post in October 2013.  From Michael Gerson to Jennifer Rubin, the tenor of op-ed articles has been nothing short of hysterical at times, and in many instances, downright vindictive.  As recently re-reported, this change in editorial content may be the result of Trump’s implication that would be subject to an anti-trust review.  Ahhh, there’s nothing like billions and billions of dollars at stake to stir bloodsport.

Has Trump been guilty of self-inflicted errors, such as running his mouth off or tweeting when he should just leave well-enough alone?  Yes, several instances come to mind, the latest being the Comey firing.  But in due course, he’ll learn, hopefully, to get a thicker skin.  However, in no instance since he has resided in the Oval Office, has there been any indication by his words or actions that he doesn’t love his country.

Trump is beset by leaks within his Administration, the kind of which we’ve not witnessed in decades, if ever.  His calling out of the media for their non-objective reporting further exacerbates these leaks, as the media, led by The Washington Post, is determined to take him down.  That’s what it looks like sitting here in the Midwest.

During a statement last night to the press last night, May 15,

and during today’s White House press briefing, National Security Advisor, General H. R. McMaster specifically answered questions concerning the latest brouhaha regarding the aforementioned sharing of classified information.  As he was present in the room with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, he emphatically stated that within the context of the conversation, that information shared with the Russian foreign minister was “wholly appropriate.”

General McMaster, as well as Secretary Tillerson, are reputable, educated, and highly experienced men in their own right.  To believe that they would allow their own personal reputations to be tarnished, or would serve in an Administration that compromised Americans’ security, is not credible or substantiated.

The continuing hack job reporting by The Post, has diminished its own credibility and stature, egregiously.  Gone are the days of solid, investigative reporting replaced by a vendetta to destroy a man and his family, a man who happens to be POTUS.  To say that the change in The Post’s reporting has nothing to do with its present owner and his outright animosity toward the President is akin to selling a dimwit the Brooklyn Bridge.

President Trump needs a solid communications director and team in the White House, a team he can trust and work with, and needs to put them in place FAST!  Americans can’t keep going through another 3-1/2 years of anonymous sources and he said/she said because not only is it dangerous for those caught us in the morass, in terms of destroying lives and careers, but it takes away from the bigger problems this country faces domestically and abroad.

My grandmother had a saying, “those who dig ditches under someone, usually falls into the ditch themselves.”  Are you listening, Jeff?

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