Yes, I’m a woman, and Yes, I’m still voting for Trump

Republican Presidential Candidate, Donald J. Trump (

Republican Presidential Candidate, Donald J. Trump (

Since the release of the Trump/Billy Bush audio tape from the Access Hollywood archives, the mainstream media has put the issue on steroids in the hope that undecided voters will finally swing to Hillary Clinton, and Republican voters, especially those with families, will either stay home in disgust or reconsider Hillary.

If Trump voters and supporters are anything like this politicalwoman, than it’s wishful thinking on the part of the Democrats and their sycophantic media partners.  Much of my career has been spent in male-dominated areas such as commodities, politics, international trade development, and manufacturing.  There isn’t a lewd comment(s) that I haven’t heard.  Perhaps it’s my age, perhaps I’m thick-skinned, perhaps I grew up in another time when women accepted that men. when they’re “with the guys” put on the male bravado and trash talk.  All you have to do is follow a male foursome on the golf course and you get a lesson in male-ness.

When I hear all the brouhaha about this audio tape, I say show me an M-A-N, who at some point in his life, 17 to 70,  hasn’t made comments about a woman in some lewd fashion.  Whether post-pubescent, drunk in the frat house, at the local watering hole, on the golf course (see above), or newly divorced, this stuff happens.  As I watch the other “Republicans” moan and bash Trump, thinking that he’s taking the entire party down to defeat in November, I’d say, ‘take a chill pill and put your big boy pants on.’

So here we have the Trump phenomenon, and a tape released by Access Hollywood, giving Trump his version of Romney’s “47%”.  Meanwhile, at the same time, more documents are leaked about Hillary and her emails, her public and private positions via Goldman Sachs speeches from Wikileaks John Podesta emails, and the national security of this country, being played fast and loose with classified materials found on her server.  And then there’s the complete obliteration of Jim Comey’s reputation and the tainting of the FBI.  Finally, let’s not forget the ties between the Clinton Foundation and how the Russians ended up with a third of the US uranium supply, as covered by The New York Times.

This election has a lot at stake.  We’ve heard that before in the Romney/Obama 2012 election.  However, given the foreign policy debacles of the last four years beginning with Libya, ISIS, the migrant crisis, open borders, TPP, global climate change (what a farce), the question comes down to whether people want to put a politician corrupt to the core and who has enriched herself through that corruption, into the White House, or whether they want to put a man who shoots his mouth off, but who loves his country into that .  Someone who actually knows how to create jobs, and has built companies employing thousands of people.

For me, it’s not even a choice or question.  Oh, and by the way, for all you dog lovers out there, that’s another black mark for Hillary; she doesn’t like them.


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