How badly does Donald Trump want to be President? We’ll find out tonight….

According to the hoi polloi pundit class, we are in the “silly season” of Presidential politics.  Witness the demise of former Texas governor, Rick Perry, and the single digit poll numbers of Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker versus the rise of Trump, Dr. Ben Carson and former Hewlett Packard CEO, Carly Fiorina.

Donald Trump (Scott Olson-Getty Images)

Donald Trump (Scott Olson-Getty Images)

At tonight’s CNN debate, we’re going to be faced with a different set of circumstances than with Fox News debate this past August.  In August, Trump was still largely viewed as a political novice, who would sink under his own mouth’s weight.  His appeal was to a minority group of voters, who were deemed “angry.”  Now with Trump’s poll numbers steadily growing, the political classes, both Democrat and Republican, are taking notice and what’s more, are beside themselves with how much longer this Trumpian phenomenon can continue.

Consider this for a moment, if Donald Trump’s name was not Trump, but rather Joe Smith, would the political and media elites consider him as dangerous as they do now.  Listen to his message, “Make America Great Again”, put Americans back to work, make better trade deals, care for our veterans, build the wall on the Southern border to prohibit illegal immigration, etc.  For the 93 million plus who are out of the labor force, many not by choice, for the thousands still who are losing their jobs while factories are being built in Mexico or, if you work for Disney, QualComm or other tech companies, your employment goes to an H1-B visa holder, or, if you happen to be in a state where your tax dollars are being spent on ever-increasing welfare roles, Trump doesn’t sound that unreasonable.

My advice to Trump …. remember where you’re at.  Simi Valley, home of the Reagan library.  Reagan would handle all jabs with self-deprecating humor, and not let other debaters get under his skin.  If you’re running for President, start behaving like one.  This is not the WWE.  You know Rand Paul, et al. are coming for you, so turn the tables on them and play it smart and cool.  Do the unexpected, and you can appeal to a wider swath of voters who presently wouldn’t consider voting for you and maybe cause them to take a second look.

The moderators are hoping to turn this debate into a brawl.  Your fellow running mates are hoping to wound you enough to end your poll run.  However, if you’re “The Donald” and as smart and as savvy as you claim to be, show your supporters, who are legion, that you have what it takes.  Underneath the showman, there is a statesman, albeit one who does things his own way.

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