Morning Wakeup Call for Tuesday, March 17: Four more with Gore; Bibi on the ropes

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The Democrats’ Gore-or Story

It’s really getting strange out there.  Fossils are apparently in season.  The Wall Street Journal’s James Taranto reacted to the possibility of a Gore umpteenth run for the Presidency in typical Taranto fashion, who presciently picked up on the gushy story from The New York Times, bringing “Big Al” back into the limelight.  As Hillary begins a her flame-out as more information is leaking about donors to the Clinton Foundation, and their lobbying the State Dept et al under Hillary’s watch, her coronation is getting more and more wobbly.  So who do the Democrats turn to?  O’Malley’s toe is getting closer  and closer to the water’s edge, and at least with his entry, he’d make things interesting for Hillary and the rest of us.  On national stage, his record’s there to be dissected.  But I digress.  Liberal elf, Ezra Klein, who always provides us with an Alice in Wonderland POV, as in, does he really believe what he writes, says in his piece, “Al Gore should run” and lays out his reasons why.

He begins with a powerful asset in presidential politics: credibility. As a long-serving senator and a two-term vice president, Gore has more direct political experience and at least as much claim to the triumphs of the 1990s as Clinton. He’s also won more elections than Clinton — including the popular vote in a presidential campaign. There are few Americans who don’t at least know his name. There is no one in the Democratic Party who won’t at least take his call.

But Gore’s experience and contacts now reach beyond politics — and into venues that would be enormously helpful to him if he wanted to fund an expensive race. He serves on the board of Apple, as a senior adviser to Google, and at the mega-venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers. He’s also carved a path through finance and telecommunications, becoming fabulously wealthy — richer, even, than Mitt Romney — as an investor and mogul. And then there’s his centrality in the environmental community, which is, itself, quite rich — it’s easy to imagine, say, billionaire Tom Steyer gathering some friends and putting some massive Super PAC money behind Gore.

The only problem though for the rest of us, is that we would have to put up with Gore on a national stage.  I don’t know if I can take another “sigh”, and his condescending lectures.  That’s what did him in back in 2000.  Now he’s fifteen years older and Tipper “eye candy” Gore is not necessarily standing by her man.

However, the word is on the street.  Hillary is not inevitable.  Father Time may resurface again.

It’s zzzzis Close

Politico is wondering if Bibi has lost his magic.  We’ll see as it’s down to the wire in the Israeli election for Prime Minister.  It’s no secret that there’s been foreign meddling as Netanyahu puts it.  I tend to agree with Caroline Glick  that the unfortunate part is that the Israelis are fooling themselves if they think their relationship with the US is going to improve if they vote out Netanyahu.  The election is coming down to two main issues, security and the economy, the latter of which is the bigger problem for Netanyahu.  Yet, while Netanyahu’s opponent, Labor Party Leader Isaac Herzog, panned the Netanyahu Congressionals speech, he’s not that far apart from Netanyahu on security policy.

The polls close at 10pm Israeli time and then we’ll see the coalition building.  When you can’t stand American politics one more iota, consider that the Israelis have 26 political parties vying for seats in this election.  Whew!

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