Afternoon pick me up for Wednesday, March 11: King Cotton; Queen Hillary; Prince John; Court Jester Rahm

The noon time version of the morning wakeup call, that obviously I overslept:

Tom Cotton, POTUS material?

Senator Tom Cotton, (R-AR) hasn’t been in the Senate for three months, and already he’s making waves with this open letter to Iran.  Now, National Journal reports that the Arkansas legislature has a bill before it that would permit an individual to run for the Senate and the White House at the same time.  Using my figures rather than a calculator, the prospect of his running for the White House, earliest would be 2024.  If he does have a long term vision for the future, it will be nice to have a veteran who actually fought in a war back in the White House, not to mention someone who believes in, and supports, the Constitution.

Hillary’s Likability Problem

At yesterday’s presser, I couldn’t take my eyes off Hillary as she spoke.  What struck me most about her press conference was her body language.  Her eyes were above the audience, on the side walls, looking downward at her script, everywhere but at the cameras and the audience.  She did not want to be there.  She did not like being there.  She did not like being asked questions.  She did not like her audience.  The fact that she gave a ridiculous press conference, where we’re led to believe “we” she knows how to delete 30,000+ emails, yet doesn’t know how to add more than one email account to her phone, that she puts her personal convenience over national security, etc. is incredulous when this woman is considered to be the Democratic front-runner for her party’s nomination.  For everyone who says she’s running for President, I’m still in the category of not-so-fast. This presser has shown her vulnerability and her likability quotient is fading fast, if there ever was one to begin with.  It’s somewhat akin to the labor unions love fest with Gov. Scott Walker.  Meanwhile, the Dems have already begun looking for an alternative.  They have to. unless they want 2016 to look like McGovern in ’72, or Mondale in ’84.

John Boehner Meets His Runnymede

King John of England was forced to sign the Magna Carta at Runnymede in 1215.  Our own Republican “King” John, i.e., House Speaker John Boehner, seems to have his own intra-party problems, and the fact that he capitulated on the DHS front recently, merits him a demotion from King to Prince.  While sitting on a 245-188 majority in the House, it appears that Boehner can’t do anything without House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s help, so we have a de facto Democratic majority still calling the shots.  Boehner called the House a rambunctious place, more so than the Senate.  Right now, Prince John’s bigger problem is that he’s facing a number of other decisive votes, and 2016 is looming.  If he doesn’t want to look the Fool, he needs to do something quick.  Like maybe stand on principle(s).

Rahm meets his Karma

Full disclosure, I do NOT like Rahm Emanuel.  Never did.  Never will.  His grating “I am entitled” and “never let a good crisis go to waste” only served to make him the quintessential opportunist and political street-fighter.  Which is why his current predicament in the upcoming Mayoral run-off against Jesus “Chuy” Garcia brings a broad smile to my face.  We have the situation with Hillary where her past is catching up with her, and now Rahm’s past, as in the last four years, is catching up with him.  Rahm has a Hillary problem, likability.  He also has an inherited city-wide financial problem, including the Chicago Public School System.  His version of heavy-handed hardball isn’t playing well with either the union folk or the regular citizenry.  Further, his problem of the ongoing crime/murder rate is leaving him wide-open with the African American and Hispanic communities.  For someone who once had designs on the governorship or potentially the White House, he needs this election, and that re-election is looking less and less secure.



  1. Steve Wilczynski

    March 12, 2015

    Thanks for giving me my laugh for the day with your item about Tom Cook. Cook for POTUS? Man, that’s a hot one!

    • Steve Wilczynski

      March 12, 2015

      Rats! Cotton not Cook

    • politicalwoman

      March 12, 2015

      Happy to oblige, Steve. I won’t be voting for Cook either. But Cotton, we’ll have to wait and see. Stranger things have happened.


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