Noon Wakeup Call for Tuesday, March 10: Calvin lives; Hillary speaks; Senators write

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Calvin Lives, if only for the moment

The Wall Street Journal carried an essay the other day on the comic strip “Calvin and Hobbes”, once drawn and written by Bill Watterson, and syndicated across America.  Every day that strip was the first place in the newspaper I would go, and later, as fame and fortune turned strips into books, I bought them all.  The strip was about a terror of a child and his pet stuffed tiger, Hobbes, who comes to life only for Calvin.  Calvin’s vivid imagination, his rollicking adventures showing his pure love of life and how he sees himself, caused you to fall in love with him, despite his sometimes bratty antics.  Calvin was a trial for his parents, teachers, and friends alike, and yet, when it was drawn during the ’80’s, I found myself saying, ‘if ever I have a boy, I hope he’s like Calvin.’  If you need your daily dose of Calvin, you can find him here.

Hillary Heeds Dianne

Dianne Feinstein, the Senate’s grande dame, said on one of the Sunday morning talk shows that she should “step up and come out” on the details of her emails.  Hillary’s apparently decided that she can remain silent no longer.  The surrogates have done all they can, and she’s now had enough time to get her answers ready and what she’ll say versus what she won’t.  If Facebook is any indication, things are going south, and that’s not good, since that’s one of the main demographics that Hillary needs to get elected.  Whoever said accepting foreign donations and emails don’t matter, is wrong.

#47Patriots Send a Message to Iran

Monday the firestorm erupted when 47 Republican US Senators signed an open letter to Iranian leaders notifying them that a negotiated agreement with President Obama would have to be approved by the Senate, otherwise, it would merely be an “Executive Agreement.”  Led by Senator Harry Reid (D-NV), a vociferous outrage in response to the letter occurred — the Senators were inserting themselves into foreign policy, which was the venue of the President. How soon we forget.  As Byron York explains, it’s “A war of Obama’s making“.  Love it when the shoe’s on the other foot.

John Kerry, Tom Harkin, and Daniel Ortega (Boston Globe)


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