Morning Wakeup Call for Friday, March 6: Emailgate revs up; Iran carries Obama’s water; the Race Card plays again

A morning digest of what Political Woman is reading.

Stupid-meter’s Needle Goes off the Charts

With Hillary’s current embroglio in Emailgate, there’s a marked difference between a well-paid hack defending her, and a sycophantic nimrod, whose reasoning leaves one speechless, including Chris Matthews.  Fortunately, the latter gets smacked down numerous times during the interview, but there’s no comfort in the fact that there are millions more like Ms. McIntosh, whom Hillary is depending upon to save her, yet again.  And, let’s not forget to add to our stupid-meter face-off, Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD), who recently praised Mrs. Clinton for her, “transparency.”  You can always count on Elijah for good political theater.

Iran Slowly, Methodically “Gobbling Up” Another Country

In Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech before the US Congress on March 3, he made the point, “Iran is busy gobbling up the nations.”   Unfortunately, for the US, it’s one where over 4000 Americans gave their lives and over 32,000 gave limbs and sanity.  Iran is now in the forefront of leading Shiite militias in the reclaiming of Tikrit in Iraq from ISIS.  With the march toward removing ISIS from Iraq, comes more Iranian influence and hegemony over a region that is nothing short of tinderbox.  Meanwhile, a hapless America, once a great influence on the world stage, has defaulted its leadership role in favor of let the Middle East sort out its Middle East problems meme.  In the not too distant future, Iran will be the military threat to the US, as China is currently economically.

Personal Behavior and Responsibility Do not Count

President Obama injects himself yet again into the Ferguson, MO incident, picking up where outgoing Attorney General, Eric Holder, left off.  “I don’t think that is typical of what happens across the country, but it’s not an isolated incident,” said the President.  Blaming law enforcement for “racism” while not entering into a conversation about the behavior/responsibility of the perpetrators of the crime is foolish at best, and creates more animosity and polarization.  But then, that’s what this President has become known for.

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  1. Luis Howard

    March 8, 2015

    Miss Melanie Kowalski
    I love your reference to you being middle class, midwest, middle of the road! Love it! BUT, while I believe and accept your being middle class and midwest, I do not believe, from what I have read that you have produced, that you are middle of the road. I see right of center, if not conservative–but that is my problem, not yours.
    Anyway, I lived in Chicago many years ago and loved it, especially the visit to a friend on the 80th floor of the John Hancock Tower and the Polish food on Cermak Road, not to mention Arlington Park Race Track and Crystal Lake.
    But the purpose is to mention your piece, “It´s over, Hillary,” which gave me shivers and a warm, fuzzy feeling: AT LAST! A knowledgeable writer agrees, besides Rush Limbaugh, who we love and respect, that the Clintons have cooked their last goose. Thank you for an excellent analysis.
    What I don´t understand is why people aren´t asking two questions, starting with why did Hillary feel the need to set up her own email acoount, especially in view of the really very clear edict that email communications should be on the secure State Department email account? Of course, the answer to that question is obvious, she simply wanted to be able to communicate and then hide whatever was inconvenient. But that is not a justification in any case. And on top of that she used the same server, with a different email address, apparently, for her personal email. And why was that? Maybe to be able to say that not all emails have been released for scrutiny because some of them were personal? That´s not good enough.

    And it leads to this second question: How do we know, we being Americans in general and Trey Gowdy in particular, that she did not destroy the inconvenient emails, inconvenient meaning revealing?

    Of course we know you are very busy so if none of this provokes, don´t worry, but if you find anything wrong or interesting and you do have a minute, then let me know about that. Thanks.

    Luis Howard


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