Morning Wakeup Call for Thurs, March 5: Hillary’s Icarus Problem; SCOTUS’ Swingers

It’s all things Hillary and SCOTUS today:

  • It’s getting to look more and more like Hillary’s becoming a blast from the past.  The National Journal’s Ron Fournier writes, Hillary Clinton Just Doesn’t Get It, and that’s because she’s still living in the 1990’s when she and Bill were superstars at spinning, obfuscating, and slickly sliding through the muckraking.  Hillary has an Icarus problem, as does Bill.  They always push the envelope and take the “I dare you” to the extreme, and so far have landed quite handsomely and financially.  But now, it’s catching up with them and in true political fashion, when you fly high, your opponents delight in your downfall.  Hillary, it’s over.  You’re flaming out like Icarus.
  • With the King v. Burwell oral arguments over at SCOTUS, it now appears that Justice Kennedy and Chief Justice Roberts are the two Court swingers.  Actually, I don’t have a good feeling about this upcoming decision.  Justice Kennedy warns of a “death spiral” for health exchanges without federal subsidies to offset the costs of insurance.  So we have become a nation of men, rather than a nation of laws?  The Affordable Care Act’s latest debate before the Court centers around four words, “established by the State” with one of its’ architects, Jonathan Gruber, detailing the exact reasoning behind the insertion of those four words.  On the other side of the debate, Justices are looking at the four words “in context” of the law.  We’re seeing and living the results of what Chief Justice John Roberts has wrought.  Will he get it right this time, or will he once again be intimidated, as will Kennedy, once the Obama machine revs up for the summer decision.

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