Morning Wakeup Call for March 2, 2015: Harry Reid’s still in control; Feinstein’s an ostrich; Russia Bullies More than Ukraine; and more

Starting the day and the month with a new column, daily I hope :-), with news, articles and my Political Woman POV.

  • Harry Reid still runs the Senate  We elected Republicans to the House and the Senate and gave them a majorities to stop Obamacare and roll back the President’s continued lawlessness on immigration.  Squandering a GOP Majority from The Wall Street Journal  and Politico‘s piece, Never go into these things without a plan, show that the we, the electorate have once again voted into office the gang who couldn’t shoot straight.
  • I watched “Face the Nation” yesterday morning, and Senator Dianne Feinstein was more eminently more entertaining than House Speaker John Boehner.  Senator Feinstein is attending Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to Congress, but she still finds him “arrogant“.   Unfortunately, Dianne, we find you in the ostrich category, where you’d rather have a “Munich” agreement than no agreement.  As Michael Makovsky’s closing quote of Churchill’s response to Neville Chamberlain, in his article for The Weekly Standard, “You were given the choice between war and dishonour. You chose dishonour and you will have war.”
  • Speaking of allies, the European kind that is, we have an insight into our NATO buddies, and their air force version of the  China Sea, Russia Bullies Sweden and Sweden Blinks.
  • National Security Advisor Susan Rice found herself this weekend the subject of a new controversy, when this ad ran in the New York Times.  Appears she has a genocidal blind spot accord, but she’s been a proverbial “doe in the headlights” for years.  She’s more than likely working with Obama and Kerry in the strategizing and directing the nuclear talk with Iran, so this ad is actually quite prescient, except Rabbi Boteach, you probably should include the United States in the reference chain as well.  Just give us another 10 years.
  • Finally, what’s Political Woman without and election post.  Hillary’s going to announce her final? Presidential bid come April, according to The Wall Street Journal.  Unfortunately, I know quite a few nimrods who will be voting for her simply because she’s a woman.  Perhaps I need to review my friendship list.
Have a great day!

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