Obamacare nightmare number #$%&!: Medicaid cuts to providers

Of all newspapers to carry this story of the next potential Obamacare debacle, the journalistic foot soldier of the Administration, The New York Times’ article, “As Medicaid Rolls Swell, Cuts in Payments to Doctors Threatens Access to Care,” details the potential debacle about to befall millions of the general public who bought into Obamacare, whether willingly or not.  Hidden in the December 27 Saturday edition, which is probably one of the least read being the weekend after Christmas, the story reconfirms what many experts have said is a major flaw of Obamacare.

“Just as millions of people are gaining insurance through Medicaid, the program is poised to make deep cuts in payments to doctors, prompting some physicians and consumer advocates to warn that the reductions could make it more difficult for Medicaid patients to obtain care.

The Affordable Care Act provided a big increase in Medicaid payments for primary care in 2013 and 2014.  But the increase expires on Thursday — just weeks after the Obama Administration told the Supreme Court that doctors and other providers had no legal right to challenge the adequacy of payments they received from Medicaid.

The impact will vary by state, but a study by the Urban Institute, a non-partisan research organization, estimates that the doctors who have been receiving the enhanced payments will see their fees for primary care, cut by 43 percent, on average…..Medicaid payments for primary care services could drop by 50 percent or more in California, Florida, New York and Pennsylvania, among other states.”

So let’s get this straight.  Medicaid enrollments are swelling, not only by low income families, but now with the millennials in the 18-29 group — you know, the ones who can’t find decent paying jobs after college because the Obama recovery is a non-recovery — and the Federal Government is cutting back on Medicaid payments to providers because “enhanced payments” were only temporary.

“…..described the cuts as a ‘bait and switch move.’  “The government attempted to entice physicians into Medicaid with higher rates, then lowers reimbursements once the doctors are involved.”

Taking the American healthcare system, the best in the world, and reducing it one bureaucrat, one regulation, at a time.

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