Morning Coffee Break: Christopher Columbus; immigration form; teenagers in the White House; IMF’s Lagarde joins the disinvited elite

  • Now’s here two questions for a reporter to ask for the next man-on-the-street interview, who was Christopher Columbus and what was the name of his ship?  The next question is how many people will be able to answer the first two questions given the state of our US educational system today.  The History Channel has secured rights to the latest blockbuster historical discovery, the discovery of Columbus ship, the Santa Maria off the coast of Haiti.   Please note, the story is found in the British UK Independent publication.
  • House Speaker John Boehner says 2016 does not play a part in the decisions and considerations of immigration reform.  That’s why we need a new Speaker.  For immigration reform to pass, President Obama needs to build up trust with Congress that any law they pass, he will carry out, unlike Obamacare.  Mr. Speaker, we also need to rebuild some trust with you, too.  Immigration reform is the Republicans’ Obamacare.
  • Call them teenagers, if you will, but they’re just responding to the intelligence currently on display by a majority of Americans, who think hard news is Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.  When, not if, America experiences another 9/11, fingers can point to this Administration’s handling of foreign policy, which btw, appears infectious among our “allies” as well.  Selfies, anyone?
  • Pretty soon, getting disinvited to commencement ceremonies is going to be a badge of honor.  IMF President, Christine Lagarde was dis-invited by Smith College officials because of protests of IMF policy by some faculty and students.  Pretty soon, anyone who wants to practice free speech may be relegated to what Bill Maher termed, “my bathroom” or “my mind”.  “Die Gedanken sind frei, wer kann sie eraten.”

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