Morning Coffee Break: HGTV caves; the Taliban and Hillary; Emily Lett’s selfie; Obamacare fine print – Friday, May 9, 2014

  • Becoming a nation of cowards, Part III:  HGTV announced that it would not move forward with its proposed series, “Flip It Forward” because its two stars, the Benham Brothers, happen to have an image problem. They consider themselves Christians, and don’t subscribe to gay marriage and are anti-abortion.  As Americans, we used to pride ourselves on tolerance.  We still do.  We tolerate bullies.
  • Yesterday, we noted that while Hillary tweeted in support of the 300 kidnapped Nigerian girls, her State Department, refused to add the Nigerian terrorist group, Boko Haram, to its terrorist list.  Now, we learn she also didn’t add the Taliban to the list either.
  • I was debating about whether or not to showcase this piece, Why I Filmed My Own Abortion.  You need to watch this video.  My mother used to have a saying, “children having children.”  I think the poor, aborted child was spared having this woman as a mother.  Brainless.  Having an abortion used to take a great deal of soul-searching, at least for some women.  Ms. Letts has turned taking a life into little more than 3-minute selfie, reality video.  The America we live in.


  • This next piece will not pertain to you if your insured through the government or if you still have an employer-sponsored insurance plan.  But for the rest of Americans, get ready for another round of Obamacare sticker shock.  Those high, out-of-pocket deductibles will have to be paid in full by the individual before the Obamacare subsidies kick in.  On average, that deductible is $2267, for a 27-year old individual.  So much for free birth control.

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