Sen. Ted Cruz – grandstanding? or a 21st Century Patrick Henry?

I’ve now had my laptop zeroed into the Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) filibuster since 4:00pm CDT, two hours into his oratory.  I’ll keep this short.

They (political pundits) say you have your eye on 2016.  They say you want to raise your political capital to that of Rand Paul (R-KY) when he filibustered re drone strikes on US citizens.  Perhaps, but you’re a breath of fresh air amidst the stale air of McCains, Grahams, McConnells, Cornyns, Thunes, et al.  Your words, and those of your colleagues, e.g., Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) are resonating with more of us Americans than you know. Your articulation and knowledge about Obamacare facts and figures make my own Senators (Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL)) look weak, pathetic, and pawns amid a Harry Reid chess game.

The now millions of Americans who are suffering amid a weak five-year recovery, a shortened <30 hour work weak — we’re listening.  We’ll remember.  In 2014.  In 2016.

You go, Ted!!!!!!!!!!!

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