From my cold, dead hands — Colorado voters recall two gun control advocates

John Morse, Colorado Senate president, and Angela Giron, another Democrat senatorial colleague, who were vociferous advocates responsible for leading the charge for Colorado’s new gun law restrictions were ousted by voters yesterday.  With a $3 million cash infusion into the race by anti-gun groups including Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s $350,000 vs. the coffers and support of the NRA which was outspent 10-1, it appears Colorado voters decided their Second Amendment rights were worth turning out for and protecting.

Without extrapolating these results across the national gun rights spectrum, it does show what grass roots activism can do.

Colorado voters oust from office pro-gun legislators

Message here to elected officials:  you work for us, we elect you to represent us and reflect our views, fail to do so at your peril.

Next on the docket — defund Obamacare.  #dontfundit  #defundobamacare

Call your senators and representatives.  Make a difference.  We can do it.

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