Obamacare Shock in 2014? How about ten years from now.

“Fundamentally transforming America.”  Spoken by Barack Obama at a campaign rally in Columbia, Missouri in 2008.  Fast forward to April 30, 2013, and we see the President is a man of his word.  America’s transformed all right with U-6 unemployment hovering around 14%, almost 50 million Americans on food stamps, and the labor force participation rate at 63.3%, the lowest since 1979.  However, the real transformation, or rather shock, according to Daniel Kessler, in his Wall Street Journal op-ed, is coming early next year as Obamacare implementation begins.   I would counter with the real shock is going to come in as little as 10 years’ time, with the brunt felt by the majority of the boomer generation and middle class, if Obamacare is not repealed or drastically changed.  As insurers increase premiums, and some employers are forced to cut back workers’ hours to avoid penalties, we are also reminded of how Obamacare strips over $716 billion from Medicare during the next 10 years.  The population demographic that has paid into the system all their lives will be left holding the proverbial bag.

Imagine being 70 years old, needing medical assistance, and sitting in an over-crowded waiting room.  Your name is called, and you’re shown into a cubicle waiting for a doctor who doesn’t know you or your history.  When the doctor arrives, you don’t understand him/her because their accent is so thick, and then you can’t hear him/her because of the former illegal, now legal immigrant with the 2-year old screaming child in the cubicle next to you.  You try to discuss your health with the doctor, but the frustration builds on both ends, and finally you’re given a prescription slip for some pills just to get you out the door.  While some may argue with or pooh-pooh this scenario, go back ten years.

Who would have thought in 2003, that we would become as polarized a nation as we are now, with class warfare, also known in some circles as “fairness”, the new normal.  And yet, here we are, not only engaged in wealth redistribution through crushing taxes, but amidst lingering high unemployment, an anemic GDP rate of 2.5%, and an absurd political sequestration, we are also embarking on an Obamacare-style immigration bill, debating gay rights, gun rights and whether it’s politically correct to use the term, “jihad” in public discourse .

I’m not an alarmist by nature, but under this Administration, I fear for my friends and neighbors, my country.  Many people have already woken up when they looked at their paychecks in early January.  I wanted to say to all the Obama-bots out there who voted him back into office, “how’s that ‘no tax increase on the middle-class’ workin’ out for you.”

Looking ahead to 2014, one can only hope that Americans of every income, race and gender will finally have had enough, and go to the ballot box in droves to send a strong message to Washington on taxes, debt, and to end the foolish panderings to special interest groups that leads to societal train wrecks.  One can only hope.



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