Why are so many people on disability? Because it pays better.

From our friends at RedState.com, comes another candidate for our #BPRising column.  For those of us who are on the computer blogging at 5:00am, or on the train, bus, or in the car slogging your way through pot-holed infrastructure and traffic crazies, the joke’s on us.  Another sign of our sick economy.  The only problem is that more people are applying for, going on to disability than there are jobs created.  The BLS says 80k jobs created in March 2013, but then 85k left the workforce.  These three charts from the Social Security Administration website don’t need further words.  What recovery!!

Monthly Disability Pay vs. Avg. Monthly Paycheck






Number of Monthly Disability Applications






Number in current payment status as in those receiving benefits

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  1. Chris Morris

    April 3, 2013

    So funny you say this. I am two weeks into my disability and going CRAZY! Personally, I cannot wait to get back to work. I guess that puts me in the minority though


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