When did Illegal isn’t Illegal anymore

AP Style is the first media outlet who has now denounced the term, illegal immigrant, and no longer will use it to describe, well, illegal immigrants.  They are now to be known as “undocumented” workers.  The pressure is on.  How many more media dominos will fall into line.

Just when you think the discussion of immigration can’t become more preposterous than it already has, another curve ball gets tossed and the goal posts get moved.   According to immigration activist Jose Antonio Vargas, “no human being is illegal.”  Right.  When we use the term, “illegal immigrant”, we’re either racist or inhumane.  Another example of dissenting views being quashed and people demonized for holding them.   Of course, it is not required that a cogent explanation be given as to why the term “illegal immigrant” should not be used, or how illegal vs. legal should be defined.  Now waiting for Congress and the rest of the US government to cave.  May my legal immigrant grandparents R.I.P.


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