Embassy Cairo shutters Twitter feed … let’s not offend the Brotherhood

A diplomatic Embassy is viewed as representative of its country’s piece of soil within the foreign host’s country.  Thus, under the rules of diplomatic engagement, the reason that Embassies are protected and respected the world over.  Which brings us to the US Embassy in Cairo, whose actions were also indirectly complicit in Benghazigate.  Now we learn that our Ambassador to Egypt, Anne Patterson, the same apologist from last September over the infamous “video”, has made the decision to shut down the Embassy Twitter feed because some tweets apparently offended the Muslim Brotherhood.  From “The Cable“,

“The U.S. Embassy in Cairo shut down its Twitter feed Wednesday following a public fight with the Egyptian Presidency and the Muslim Brotherhood over the arrest of an Egyptian television star.

cached version of the page shows that the last tweet was  a link to the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart talking about the Egyptian government’s arrest of Stewart’s Egyptian doppelganger Bassem Youssef, who was detained and fined by the Egyptian police on the charge of insulting Islam and President Mohamed Morsy.

“Another undiplomatic & unwise move by @USEmbassyCairo, taking sides in an ongoing investigation & disregarding Egyptian law & culture,” the FJP tweeted Tuesday.

A State Department official told The Cable Wednesday that the decision to take down Embassy Cairo’s Twitter page was made by U.S. Ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson without the consultation of the State Department in Washington. Foggy Bottom is urging Embassy Cairo to put the page back up, lest it appear that the United States is caving to the online pressure.”

Caving to online pressure?  Really?  Is there any wonder why the recent Pew Research Center Global Attitudes Project found, “confidence in Obama” in Muslim countries such as Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Pakistan fell from 33% to 24% during his first term alone. Approval of his policies fell even further–from a high of 34% to the current low of 15%.”

Maybe our $450 million aid package wasn’t large enough.  Maybe we should send Cairo some more F-15’s and Abrams tanks.  Maybe we should replace Anne Patterson.

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