Al Qaeda in N. Africa “have neither the interest or ability to attack our homeland” — Hillary Clinton

It just keeps getting better and better, or worse and worse, depending upon whether you look at Hillary’s testimony today from a satirical point of view, or from one that is serious, borderline dejected.

You hear that “um-hmmm” in the background?  That’s one of our elected representatives feeling safer upon hearing Madame Secretary’s erudite testimony.

Does anyone remember the movie, “Patriot Games”?  Especially that part of the film where the IRA terrorists were training in N. Africa, only to then a few short weeks later come onto American soil in an attempt to kill a British “royal” but more importantly, the character, Jack Ryan?  Wonder how many Al Quaeda “Seans” are out there gunning for how many of us American Jack Ryans?


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