The drip…drip…drip…of personal freedoms in America

During the past two weeks of blogging hiatus during my vacation, we’ve had the Newtown shootings, the fiscal cliff “hanger”, and the Biden-led Commission for gun control along with other legislation on the matter led by Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-CA).   Add to this the new US regulation for electric cars, that they must make “noise,” and what that “noise” will sound like will be determined by, no less, the Federal Government.

The encroaching intrusion of government into our lives, whether it be local, state or federal, cannot be missed.  If you’re a boomer, like me, you can remember life the way it used to be in America prior to the advent of political correctness, and the nanny-state as emulated by New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg.  If the laws as enacted today were in force during my formative years, I daresay my parents would have been in court for child abuse for their disciplinary measures and my daily school lunch.  Today, government tells us what light bulbs we can put into our homes; what size soft drink we’re allowed to purchase; uses our tax dollars to force companies to manufacture cars that the market clearly doesn’t want; mandates the ingredients in school lunch programs as well as portion sizes; says it’s offensive to my fellow Americans if I use the word, “Christmas”, in public; intrusion into my medical care and what services and future drug protocols and procedures that I may have access to; and now, the knee-jerk reaction to the Newtown and Colorado shootings, gun control.

Gun control has touched a nerve for many people in this country, and for some, has served as a wake-up call and tipping point, along with their paychecks as of last Friday.  The First Amendment has long been under attack with the advent of political correctness.  Now people whisper to each other what before they could say in public, without reproach.  But I digress.

I am not a gun owner, yet.  But given where my country is going, and the increasing importance of the sacrosanct entitlement programs over national security, I’m finding myself becoming a committed advocate to not only owning one, but committed to ongoing training to use it properly, if God forbid, I have to.  I am of the generation, and was taught by my parents, that while “no (wo)man is an island,” self-reliance is your mantra.  As my dad would say, “no one owes you a living.”  What a novel concept that is for today’s times.

I’ve read numerous publications and perused countless websites reading both pro and con on the subject of gun control, and what form it should take.  I have to admit that I’ve long been an advocate against gun control, because growing up Chicago, the home of 500+ homicides in 2012, those who want guns will get them no matter what controls government puts on, while other peaceful citizens will be left unarmed and potentially defenseless, if harm comes their way.  Not everyone lives in low crime areas, or has access to less than 3-minute police response times.  And for those under attack, 3 minutes can seem like 30.

Legislation, as currently being designed by Sen. Feinstein, shows a woefully inadequate understanding of what assault weapons are, and what type of semi-automatic magazines are necessary vs. those that should be used by military and SWAT teams only.  Take a lesson:

For me and for so many citizens, this latest incursion into our freedoms will not go unanswered.   We’re not maniacs, homophobes, or paranoid.  We see what’s happening to our country, and the slow dismantling of our Constitution by social progressives, or shall we just call them what they are, socialists.  We see a shrinking economy, the takers outnumbering the workers, and the nanny state regulating and taxing  the middle-class and the private sector into oblivion.  May the election of 2012 be the last of its kind.


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