Obama Administration – gun control by Executive Order?

“What are YOU prepared to do?”   These were the last words of the character John Malone to Elliott Ness in “The Untouchables,” when it appeared that Al Capone had outwitted, outsmarted the system and would get away with not only tax evasion but murder.  Those words appear to be applicable for what Americans are up against with the ongoing, knee-jerk reaction of the Progressives/Democrats, whom I refer to simply as Socialists, to various pieces of local, state, and federal legislation that would ban Americans from owning certain types of guns and ammunition.

While I am not a gun owner, yet, I am against the continuing end runs around the Congress and usurping of its powers given it by the Constitution, that have been the hallmark of this Administration since 2008.  The potential of using a Presidential Executive Order to effect some form of gun control on a national level was reported by The Weekly Standard.  

We already have several examples of the President and his Administration circumventing Congress, whether through recess appointments, the contraception mandate and granting of waivers for Obamacare, the non-enforcement of DOMA, or non-enforcement of immigration laws following the Supreme Court’s Arizona decision, among other examples.  With this potential executive fiat, are we living in a dictatorship or are we living as a free people under a Constitution?  Will there be any outcry from our elected officials not only about this “gun grab”, but whether circumventing the 2nd Amendment is illegal, much less an impeachable offense, because it knowingly and willfully violates the separation of powers?

“The president is going go act,” said Biden, who is conducting meetings all week on the issue of gun control. “There are executive orders, executive action that can be taken. We haven’t decided what that is yet, but we’re compiling it all.”   The Hill is now carrying the story as well.

As soon as my fingers finish this post, I am contacting my elected officials (yes I know, a lot of good that will do, given their recent performance) to demand that they ramp up their opposition, vocally and legislatively, to stop this power grab now.  We live in a country which is governed by a rule of law, given us through the Constitution.  If we, as a free people, allow this to gun-grab to take place by the government, then we’ve become a nation of sheeple.

The tragedy of Newtown, of Aurora, and others will pale in comparison to the tragedy that will be written in our national history if we give up our rights, guaranteed by the Second Amendment, without a whimper.

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  1. True Patriot

    June 18, 2014

    You cannot waive or abridge an inalienable right.
    Obama and Biden (including Sara Brady) all need to be publicly executed for high treason. And NOW too.


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