Susan Rice removes herself from consideration … and not a moment too soon

As you can tell, I’m not a fan of Susan Rice.  No, it has nothing to do with her being a “woman of color.”  That’s the part of the blame game now being foisted on us by her fans in the media and within Congress.  Her Washington Post editorial, “Why I made the right call” is another undertaking to remove herself from the heat of the Benghazi spotlight.  If she worked in the private sector, we could say she was a good corporate soldier, similar to the proverbial “man in the grey flannel suit.”

Susan Rice in her 'you've got to believe me' pose

No, Susan Rice became embroiled in “Benghazi-gate” because she only too willingly played the political flunky for the White House, without questioning any of the classified/unclassified documents that she had access to.   And as her inexplicable stupidity became more of a political liability for the White House with key Republican Senators expressing incredulity after interviewing Rice, in addition to her less than stellar record at the UN (Palestinian vote), her questionable investments in Canadian companies a la Keystone Pipeline, along with her former role as assistant secretary of state for African affairs during the US Embassy Kenya bombings, which was coming to light, the Obama Administration decided to cut its losses.  For once I agree with them.   And besides, Hillary was no fan of Rice, and Obama still needs her and Bill, to what extent we don’t know yet.  “No drama Obama” will now have to face his second term with one less sycophantic acolyte.  She’s busy pulling herself out from under the bus.



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