Audio-visual economics for the Obamabots

For those readers who learn audio-visually, here are two charts and one video that explain the economic mess we’re in.  The first from one of the contributor/readers over at Instapundit, whose chart on the deficits pre-Obama, and under Obama, uses numbers provided by the bipartisan Congressional Budget Office.  For the Obamabots, this is what your children and grandchildren will be paying off (as if you care, because you’re voting to re-elect the man responsible.)

Deficits under Bush; deficits under Obama (CBO)


The next chart, already published by other blogs, however, it’s so good that I’m continuing the sharing cycle, shows the five myths of Obama policies beginning with “the Bush tax cuts caused the recession” to  “he saved us from a greater Depression.” (h/t Investors Business Daily)

Charting five Obama Economic Myths

And last but not least, Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric, whose tenure at the helm saw GE grow into a profitable behemoth, and one of the best managed companies in the world, gives us his take on the 7.8% jobs report for September 2012.  He explains why the numbers don’t make sense.  Listen, watch, learn.

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