Tell us what you really think, Mitt, and you’ll have your 10-pt lead in the polls

Gasp…horrors… the MSM is calling out Mitt Romney for yet another gaffe.  Two within the span of almost a week.  But these are not gaffes.  This is Mitt telling the voters what he thinks, that 1) we shouldn’t apologize for our First Amendment rights of free speech; 2) that the storming of our Embassies in Libya and Egypt was indeed outrageous and disgusting; 3) that 47% of people pay no income tax is a true statement, that they are dependent on government, and many, not all, believe they’re entitled to government welfare.

When I read heard the audio of the most recent Romney “gaffe” and then Romney’s awkward attempt to walk it back, my reaction was ‘the media is going to love this’.  My parents, and millions like them, paid into Social Security for much of their lives.  They earned that money, and they paid in far more than they ever got back.  There are people on public assistance right now through no fault of their own, having lost their jobs and possibly their homes to this horrendous, stagnant, no growth economy.  The economy picks up, they find jobs, and they’ll be only too happy to trade in the food stamp coupons for a paycheck.

Mitt Romney (AP photo)

However, I believe these are not the people that Mitt was referring to his comments, and the people in the room who heard those comments know that as well.   If anything, Romney should double down and make an even stronger statement.  Perhaps address his comments to the Sandra Flukes of this world, who believe every woman is entitled to free birth control, and that government should mandate that insurance companies pay for sex-change operations.

Romney’s comments only address what the 53% of us who pay income taxes only know too well.  Our numbers are shrinking, the entitlement state is growing, and we’re heading down the road to a monetary and fiscal implosion, as only too well documented recently in the opinion column, “The Magnitude of the Mess We’re In” from The Wall Street Journal.

Over the past few days, weeks, there have been numerous pundits telling Romney what he needs to do win this race.  We’ve heard everything from he should become more likable, have a beer/connect with people, to how he needs to be more specific about what steps he’ll take to turn around the economy and create jobs, and how to communicate his vision.

In my not so humble opinion, enough with this Romney head down, grim-faced apologia when the media attacks him on his comments, and hit back.  I mean, really come out swinging.  Forty-seven percent of the people in this country are dependent on government, and that number grows daily.  This is appalling, and should be stated in the strongest terms.  We’ve become food-stamp nation — say it loud and clear.  Our ambassador and three other Americans were murdered and we apologize to the Jihadists.  Then in a midnight raid, the police bring in the film maker for questioning, and CNN later splashes his photo and name all over their news, so there’s a price on his head.  How very Constitutional.  How very First Amendment.

My father used to have a saying, wrought from years as the eldest of five children, and who came of age during the Depression, “no one owes you a living.”  In our current culture of dependency, our parents and grandparents who struggled to put food on the table and their children through school, still believed in the American Dream.  I, for one, am glad they’re not here to see what their Dream has become under this Administration.

If you believe in the American Dream, if you believe in America, Mitt, then get up on the stump and tell us.  Make the passionate case for individual freedom vs. government dependency.  Tell us the consequences if we fail to act, tell us what needs to be done, how you’ll do it and how we can help.

Tell us what you really think, Mitt, and you’ll have your 10-pt lead in the polls.


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