Eastwooding in Chicago’s suburbs

Like “you didn’t build that”, the empty chair metaphor is changing the dynamics of the Presidential campaign as it enters the homestretch.  I’ve got my lonesome out.

Not staged well, but the point's made

While it’s a quiet and beautiful Labor Day here in Chicago’s ‘burbs, hopefully a few more will get the message in my sub-division and join in.   Check out the Facebook page, “Eastwooding Obama,” as the empty chair campaign continues through Election Day.  And lest you think Illinois is a totally blue state, check out Illinois Review‘s page for some more Illinoisians celebrating the day.


  1. Steve Wilczynski

    September 3, 2012

    Crass, classlees and just plain stupid.

    • politicalwoman

      September 5, 2012

      I’m sure Obama thinks the same. I’ll wear that as a badge of honor. And btw, speaking of crass, classless and stupid how about, “win a dinner with Barack and Michelle” and then the winner gets a 1099 form where he/she has to pay taxes on their winning, i.e., the value of the plane fare, hotel and dinner. And let’s not forget the Obama gift registry, where you ask your bridal, shower, anniversary guests to instead donate their “gift” to the Obama re-election campaign.


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