“The mess I inherited” – will Mitt Romney also say these words?

“You ain’t seen nothin’ yet,” is more than an apt expression for the upcoming final weeks of the 2012 election cycle.  For those of us political junkies, or for people who have never been actively involved in politics, but “this year is different,” this has been an election season of surprises, gotchas, and ughs.

Many who read my columns know which side of the fence-post I’m sitting on in this election.  In the upcoming days, Mitt Romney will re-introduce himself, his platform and his proposed solutions to the American people.  Pundits have described this election as the “election of our lifetime” because the contrasts and philosophies of the candidates cannot be more striking.   Articles published last week by, The New York Times “Economix” section last week, “Big Income Losses for Those Near Retirement” and “The Stranded Unemployed,” demonstrate graphically and textually the human cost of the policies of the past 3-1/2 years.

Like a broken record, we’ve heard from the President about the “mess that I inherited.”   Let’s keep in mind that in George Bush’s second term, he tried to push forward legislation that would have regulated Fannie and Freddie, but was stymied on that front by none other than Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, with the help of none other than Senator Barack Obama.  And it was the mortgage implosion that played an integral role in the collapse of the economy.

Unemployment above 8% for 42 months, with 88 million people unemployed/not looking for work; 46.4 million people use food stamps; middle-class income has dropped an average of $4000; the national debt is approaching $16 trillion, with a 44% increase since Obama took office.

“The mess I inherited”

Will Romney say those words as well?




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