Election game-changer #2 – Hillary? Israel & Iran? or [fill in the blank]

We can probably all agree that the selection of Paul Ryan as Republican Vice Presidential nominee was a game-changer for Mitt Romney’s campaign, as well as the 2012 election.  In Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney has found a plain-speaking wonk, who has the ability to explain complex budget policy, deficit-spending, Medicare and their impact on Americans in terms that Americans can understand.

So while the Romney/Ryan ticket was game-changer #1, what will be election game-changer #2?

An Obama/Clinton ticket?   It’s still not too late, but realistic?  According to recent reports, BFF Valerie Jarrett did broach the subject with Clinton.  Although one can’t help but wonder if Edward Klein’s source on the story was none other than big Bill himself, who’s playing both sides of the aisle — headlining the Democratic convention while undermining Obama at every turn with leaks.  One thing the Clintons never do is forgive.  It’s called North Carolina.  Hillary’s acceptance of the State Dept position was done to build up her foreign policy credentials, while building up good will in the Party and staying front and center in the limelight.  Yet, while Hillary danced in South Africa, Aleppo burned.  More on her foreign policy chops in another post.  For Hillary to take the #2 spot, she would have to be seriously pressured, because it’s a lose-lose situation for her.

As for our guy, Joe, he’s been effectively muzzled for the time being and is back home in Delaware, so we probably won’t be treated to his (ir)rational exuberance any time soon.  However, once he’s out of the dog house, he may be propped up in front of teleprompters for the balance of the campaign, or not allowed to speak unless he sticks to the script.  Biden can still do some damage in the debates, but the damage may be to Ryan as in affable, down to earth grandfather vs. cold policy-wonk who gets bogged down in numbers that may people’s heads spin.

Israel attacks Iran?  The rhetoric has been ratcheted up lately from Iran’s clerics and president.  Are they merely goading Israel into attacking, and calling the Israeli bluff.  What is the end game here for Iran?  Clearly, they would rather deal with Obama than Romney — you only have to look at the lame sanctions that the US has employed. Is there any country Israel, on the other hand, has also beaten the war drums, with reports of gas masks being distributed to its citizenry.  However, there are two schools of thought about whether Israel will or won’t attack.  In an article appearing in Haaretz, people who know and have worked with Netanyahu and Barak, say to look at “past decisions of both men.”  Yet, those who are on the “inside”, say “it’s already happening, all the pieces are in place.”

What if Israel does attack?  Will they go it alone?  The Saudis have already indicated that they will intercept Israeli jets if Israeli jets enter their airspace in an attack against Iran.  (This we learned via Washington in their ever-present security intelligence leaking efforts to dissuade the Israelis from attack during Obama’s re-election bid.)  And if the Iranians strike back, will they strike only Israel, or will the US experience terrorism within once again through “sleeper cells.”  Our porous southern border has been legendary as a entry point for not only Mexicans crossing over but Hezbollah, Hamas, disguised as Mexicans, who then disappear into American Muslim society.

Israel’s former military intelligence head is already calling on Obama to visit Israel to show solidarity, but will he?  With unemployment up in 44 states, and poll data indicating Obama behind in some states, he could decide to visit Israel to shore up his Jewish vote, and reinforce the one area that Americans give him good marks in, foreign policy (why, I don’t know, but that’s a subject for another post.)

Fill in the blank. America loves to rally ’round the flag and her leaders in times of crisis.  Therefore, what would constitute a crisis of such magnitude that the election bids would be cast aside in favor of a major kumbaya?

More important, would the crisis be real or manufactured?


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