Dropping Biden – was the decision made weeks ago?

Was the decision to drop Biden from the ticket already made by the re-election campaign weeks ago, roughly at the time Bill Clinton was announced as headliner at the Democratic convention?  Was that decision finalized with Obama when Paul Ryan was announced as Romney’s running mate?

Mitt Romney’s selection of Paul Ryan was a game-changer for his campaign and for the general election.  Never has that fact been made clearer, at least to the Obama re-election campaign, than through the recent unforced gaffes by Joe Biden during his campaign stops.  Our man Joe has always had a bit of diarrhea of the mouth, and he provides entertainment on the political front.  However, with reports and polling data indicating that the Romney/Ryan ticket is picking up the young voters that Obama had in ’08, and that women are not necessarily turned off by Ryan, Axelrod is no mood for entertainment or forgiveness, and apparently has not ruled out the possibility of dropping Biden from the ticket, according to The Weekly Standard‘s blog.

Joe’s mouth is becoming more of an embarrassment to the President’s than his own.  Obama’s has his own problems with the “you didn’t build that” comment still resonating loud and clear among the business owners and voting public.

Politics has never been for the feint of heart.  It’s cutthroat and when you play on a national level, especially in election years, it becomes a war with a ‘take no prisoners’ meme.  Biden and Clinton are meeting today over lunch in the White House.  Does Biden already know he’s toast?   Will he be given one more shot to redeem himself?  Or, will Biden leave the White House with his exit schedule?  Will he be replaced with Hillary Clinton, as many people suspect is a given.

If Hillary wants to run for President in her own right in 2016, I can’t imagine why she would want to accept the VP slot, especially with Obama’s numbers.  Were Obama to win, and the country decline even further, by 2016, Hillary could be toast against a run by Ryan, Rubio, Christie, or other Republican hopefuls.  On the other hand, if she did not accept the slot, and Obama went down to defeat in November, the Democratic Party might hold the Clintons responsible, thus dashing the hopes of a 2016 run.

Despite, the White House now issuing “we’re sticking with Joe”, don’t be too sure.  “It ain’t over ’til it’s over.”


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