Gas prices on the rise again. About those oil and gas leases, Mr. President ….

Yessirree, paid $4.19/gal yesterday at my local Shell, up from $3.69 just after the July 4th.  The Hill has a current article in their “E2 Wire Energy Blog”, Rising gas prices return to haunt Obama.  And they should.  While many Americans are in favor of developing alternative energy, they’re also in favor of letting the free market decide where and when to invest, along with consumer choice.  Meanwhile, our drilling and gas leases are in virtual lock-down thanks to Mr. Obama and the Dept. of the Interior, with Mr. Obama’s Administration the worst in history concerning off shore oil leases, the “lowest number ever offered” according to the non-partisan Congressional Research Service report.  And where drilling is taking place, that’s courtesy of the permits approved under the Bush Administration that Obama is claiming credit for.

Oil & Gas Leases (CRS)

Last May, the White House pushed back on claims that it was blocking domestic energy development (no cronies in the fossil fuel industries, obviously).  According to a Dept. of Interior report, 46 million acres of federal lands were being left undeveloped by oil and gas companies.  Oil and gas companies should “drill existing leases.”   Just goes to prove how inept and really, let’s call it as we see it, stupid, the Administration is.  Steve Maley, a petroleum engineer and blogger at his “Maley’s Energy Blog”, dissects the Administration’s position in his post, “about those undrilled oil and gas leases“, and shows the utter misinformation spread by the Administration through its blatant election year pandering.

On June 28, Dept. of Interior Secretary Ken Salazar released the Obama Administration’s new 2012-2017 new offshore leasing program.  This is the “New Access” road to energy independence.  This program belongs in the “you can’t make this stuff up” folder.

Energy Access

Rising gas prices, most anemic recession recovery on record, twenty three million unemployed, 48 million on food stamps.  The President has failed basic economics 101, and the American people will be tallying the costs of his failures for generations to come.

November 6th, the day we take America back.



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