Quiz time: which President wrote these words

Name the man, who wrote these prescient words:

    • The Founders created a land of  opportunity.  For more than three centuries, opportunity was enough because the culture conditioned people  to take advantage of it.  But we have now created a culture in which appallingly large numbers ignore the opportunities offered by work, choosing instead those offered by the interwoven worlds of welfare and crime.
    • Liberals remain committed economically to a further vast expansion of the welfare state; socially to an agenda of personal liberation from traditional morality and to equality not of opportunity but of result; and internationally to a weak multilateralism whose object is to make America a follower rather than a leader.
    • Waging war and providing for national security are among those tasks for which governments are designed.  Governments are incapable of running an economy, picking winners and losers in cutting-edge industries and technologies, transforming the nature of human beings or creating a social utopia.  The fallacy of contemporary liberalism is its assumption that every problem has a government solution.  It does not.
    • Individuals differ significantly in the natural endowments of intelligence, skills, character, perseverance, and just plain luck on which success in life depends.  The Constitution and its underlying philosophy affirm that individuals must be given the right to succeed on the basis of merit, which implies that not all will succeed equally.
    • The entitlement mentality has been created by politicians who promise more than government can afford and professional liberals who demand that government do that which it is not competent to do.  It threatens to destroy the virtues of self-reliance, individual responsibility, initiative, and enterprise that built our country and will be indispensable in any effort to renew it.  All Americans should have an equal opportunity to earn the good things of life.  But except for those who are unable to do so, they are not entitled to receive those good things from the earnings of others.

Richard Nixon.

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