Scott Walker – I did what I said I would do — The reason he won the recall

It was not the $$$ spent on the recall election as his opponents claim (money in a race is fine, when it’s the $1 billion Obama was planning to raise) that won the recall election for Scott Walker.  Rather, results matter:  unemployment – down; property taxes – down; deficit – gone; union membership – down; more money in people’s pockets – up; business growth and outlook – up; employment – up.

Walker joins other governors who challenged the status quo and proved that fiscal responsibility, a balanced budget, and business and employment growth can be achieved without raising taxes.

Is Walker’s huge win in Wisconsin a harbinger nationally?  If you’re a Democrat, you’ll answer with a resounding “no!”.  If you’re a Republican and a conservative, you’ll most likely answer, “yes!”  While the media’s attention has been focused on Wisconsin as a microcosm of the national mood, Obama’s poll numbers are still better than Romney’s at this point statewide.  However, one can say with some certainty now that Wisconsin is “in play” for the general election.  That couldn’t be said months earlier.  And I would also venture that neighboring Michigan will be as well.

What Scott Walker achieved in Wisconsin is achievable nationally.  I believe that.  Now, does the rest of the country.  Remember that prescient, proverbial phrase by Tip O’Neill, “all politics is local.”  Get your ground game, going, Mitt.

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