You hear that giant sucking sound?

No, it’s not the Obama re-election campaign’s Bain Capital Vampire ad.  That sucking sound you hear is the last three years of policies that have:

  • sucked the taxpayers $500 million for Solyndra, and how many more just like it
  • sucked jobs out of the economy so that 22 million people still remain unemployed or under-employed, with the U-6 unemployment over 14% (
  • sucked the value out of my home by more than 47% with millions of other homeowners in the same boat
  • sucked the taxpayers for an $800 billion dollar stimulus that we were told would drop unemployment to 5.9% by April 2012
  • sucked the Treasury into another $5 trillion in debt that we, our children and grandchildren will get stuck paying

You know, Mr President, you’re right.  It sucks.

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