Maybe Elizabeth Warren should have said she’s kin to Richard J. Daley

The more I read about the Elizabeth Warren “native American” controversy, the more I believe she should have claimed an affiliation with Richard J. Daley, the first “Daley” mayor of Chicago, and quintessential “Boss” in the purest sense of the term.  Given her pathetic minority-status “Cherokee” claim, she’s certainly sounds in need of something more believable.  If she claimed a long-lost Daley, 15th cousin on my mother’s side, twice removed, wouldn’t you be more inclined to believe her?

Elizabeth Warren (Chitose Suzuki)

There’s something innately sleazy about all this, which is entirely why she fits right into the Chicago machine.  Gaming the system is a requirement, not to mention getting rich.

Ms. Warren has been outspoken about “fairness” and especially about the 1% paying their “fair share”, but when given the opportunity recently to contribute additional monies to the Treasury, she refused.  Yuppers, that’s Chicago-style, talk out of both sides of your mouth.

But as they say, people have short memories, or will they.  May 1 is not the November election, and while there may not be another “Cherokee Nation” moment, I’m sure we’ll be treated to more pontificating on another front.

Late Mayor Richard J. Daley of Chicago

C’mon. Take a look.  Don’t you see even a passing resemblance.

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