Who’s In Charge? When CiC meant Commander-in-Chief

Fast and Furious.  The GSA’s Las Vegas debacle.  The Secret Service prostitution embarrassment.  What did I miss or should I ask what else don’t we know about.  “The buck stops here” uttered by the late President Harry Truman, apparently only stopped in his Administration, because our fearless leader is too busy campaigning, or feels that his minions and re-election campaign machine has his back.

With the naming of the Secret Service agents recently ousted, we’ve learned one had a Facebook page and bragged about “checking out” Sarah Palin when he was detailed to her.  If this is an example of our crop of “professionals”, we have a problem not only in our government, but in our country as a whole, because our educational and cultural system is producing the people who will protect us and lead us in the future.

The President has overall responsibility for the public trust.  Our tax dollars are being spent (at least those of us who pay taxes) to run this government, and we’ve already seen in the past 3+ years, that he knows how to spend them.  As a taxpayer, I have expectations of the people who run our government and its agencies:  accountability, competence, and professionalism.  The most galling part of the GSA debacle was the attitude of the people in the videos and their behavior.  There was a time when public service was honorable.  For many, it still is.  However, whether CEO, agency head, or President, the tone is set from the top down.

Maybe the President could take a day off the campaign trail and hold a meeting at the White House with his Cabinet secretaries to discuss the overall state of our agencies, and perhaps a recommend to them a “spring cleaning.”

But then at the rate we’re going, the President is more likely to give his Secretaries his latest campaign stop in LA, and then we can fly the Cabinet and staffs out to the West Coast.

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